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Knowledge popularization: what is a balloon


A balloon is a sealed bag filled with air or some other gas. Balloons can be used not only as toys, but also as means of transportation.

There are many types of balloons. Now we mainly introduce the balloons produced by natural latex. They can be used as decorations. The arch made for the opening ceremony can be printed with your own advertising patterns as a promotion, and you can print photos of the newlyweds as congratulations. Floats for newcomers and so on, now balloons have become a beautiful landscape, more and more people of all ages! . As a toy, balloons used to have a name called "Eggplant". There is a small bamboo whistle at the opening of the balloon. When the balloon is fully inflated and opened, there will be a loud sound. Balloons can also be used as decorations and as a means of transportation. If the balloon is large enough and the gas inside is lighter than the air of the same volume, and the buoyancy produced exceeds the weight of the airbag and attached objects (such as a basket, hot air balloon, etc.), the balloon can rise.
Chinese name balloon Foreign name balloon Application Weapons, advertising, transportation, entertainment, etc. Main principles Atmospheric pressure difference, balloon essence Sealed bag Originated in China in the second or third century AD

Balloon Introduction
A balloon is a sealed bag filled with air or some other gas. Balloons can be used not only as toys and decorations, but also as means of transportation. If the balloon is large enough and the gas inside is lighter than the air of the same volume, and the buoyancy produced exceeds the weight of the airbag and attached objects (such as a basket, hot air balloon, etc.), the balloon can rise. Therefore it can be used to carry observation instruments and passengers. Unmanned balloons that only carry equipment are often used for high-altitude

The scientific study of the atmospheric environment is sometimes used to determine cosmic rays.

In most countries and cities, people like to use balloons as festive supplies to decorate places during festivals to achieve the effect of rendering atmosphere.

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  Rubber, aluminum film latex, plastic, Oxford cloth, PVC, aluminum foil, PA, PE, hot air balloon
Original meaning: a bag made of rubber. The inside can be inflated and can be used as decoration.

latex balloon
(QUALATEX) latex balloons are made of 100% pure natural latex without any fillers or substitutes. The material has high strength, high elasticity, uniform thickness, and keeps helium for a long time. In order to ensure the highest possible quality, the producer adopts high-tech to dissolve the raw materials with self-produced latex, dyes and inks, making the color of the balloons more vivid, the hue more realistic, and the types of series products more diverse; (QUALATEX) has an unshakable leading position in the research, development and production of the international balloon industry.

Are balloons safe?

It is recommended to use high-quality balloons that meet environmental protection requirements and can be decomposed by microorganisms to make modeling balloons. First: it is safe and not easy to break. Second: it can be used for more difficult and complex weaving. In addition, when designing with balloons, since air is used, there is no safety concern. But if you want to float in the air with a round balloon, be sure to use safe helium to fill it, and hydrogen is prohibited. Also, never allow children to put balloons in their mouths as there may be a choking hazard. In addition, although there is no domestic legislation to prohibit the release of a large number of helium-filled balloons during festivals, please abide by the following principles:

1) Do not use metal wires for the binding wires of helium-filled rubber balloons, for the same reasons as above.
2) For helium-filled rubber balloons, one ball should be tied to a heavy object, and a large number of balloons should not be tied to the same heavy object. Because the balloon will not disperse once it flies away, it is easy to hang on the wire, or the wire will wrap around the animal after falling and cause injury.
Therefore, as long as the above precautions are followed, the balloon is very safe.
Can you blow up a balloon with your mouth?
We do not recommend doing this. First, the smaller the diameter of the balloon, the greater the gas pressure required, and the high pressure may cause the rupture of the microvascular wall in the human body; and the high-pressure gas that flows backward will also have a bad effect on the lungs. Second, if the balloon is accidentally broken when blowing with the mouth, the rebounding balloon may cause damage to the eyeball.
We recommend using a hand pump or a foot pump designed for balloons.
The invention of the balloon
In the second or third century AD, earlier hot air balloon sky lanterns were invented in China and were used to transmit military signals.

Hot air balloons have a long history in China, known as sky lanterns or Kongming lanterns. Well-known scholar Joseph Needham also pointed out that the Mongols used dragon-shaped sky lanterns to transmit signals during the Battle of Liegnitz in 1241 AD. The Montgolfier brothers of France released Europe's first balloon filled with hot air into the air in 1783. The Robert brothers of France first flew into the sky in a balloon filled with hydrogen.

It was the winter of 1772. The Montgolfier brothers in Lyon, France were sitting in front of the fireplace to warm up, and a thick smoke rushed to the top of the stove. My brother looked at it, and suddenly an interesting thought came to his mind: If you make a pocket and put cigarettes in it, wouldn't it be possible to make the pocket fly? So the two brothers found silk, sewed it into a pocket, and filled the pocket with cigarettes, and the pocket really rose up—this is the balloon that appeared earlier in human beings.

Later, after 10 years of hard work, the Montgolfier brothers finally sent a huge hot air balloon into the sky in 1783. After the king knew about it, he specially invited them to perform in the Palace of Versailles.

balloon decoration
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