Mantianxing Balloon

The color difference of balloon printing color and its influence


When customers customize aluminum film balloons, it is normal that the color of the balloons printed by us is slightly different from the design draft. The design draft provided by the customer is based on the effect presented on the white background, and the color of the fair aluminum film balloon material is also different under different light. In the darker case, it is silver-gray, so customers who understand gravure printing will accept a little color difference, which is also allowed in this industry, but the color difference should not be too large, let alone look obviously different at a glance.

Because there are too many colors, we are only looking for a color to compare here. The color of the design draft provided by the customer can be seen that the tender green is darker. When we print and color, we adjust the color to a little brighter according to our experience. a little.

After the color is brightened, it obviously looks brighter and more beautiful than the color on the design draft. Of course, this also needs to be approved by the customer, but generally speaking, even if we do not give the customer confirmation, the customer will accept it, such as this color highlight or A little darker is acceptable for customers. The reason why we compare this picture today is because there are many colors on this design draft, and we can also get a glimpse of other colors.

There are many reasons for the color difference. As far as the ink is concerned, we can completely adjust the color card number provided by the customer, but because the base color of the surface is different, the printed color is also different. Color is related to temperature difference and humidity. For the same ink, different humidity and temperature will reflect different colors. Solvents and thinners need to be added during printing, which will affect the color difference.

The color difference has a lot to do with plate making. Take the tender green above as an example. We added 50% blue, 40% white, 2% red, 2% yellow, and 1% black to achieve this color. The printing effect, then we have confirmed these colors when making the plate, and then determine the mesh size of the plate according to the percentage of these colors, so the mesh thickness of the plate making also determines the effect of balloon printing.