Mantianxing Balloon

Causes of balloon leaks


The air leakage of the balloon is not because the balloon is broken, but the air molecules inside are moving. In physics, there are gaps between any molecules, and the air molecules in the balloon also have gaps.

Although the balloon was very full at the beginning, after a period of time, the molecular movement inside filled some gaps. In simple terms, it was squeezed into a ball without gaps. It gets bigger, so the balloon will deflate, which is commonly referred to as air leakage.

If the balloon is large enough and the gas inside is lighter than the air of the same volume, and the buoyancy produced exceeds the weight of the airbag and attached objects (such as a basket, hot air balloon, etc.), the balloon can rise. Therefore it can be used to carry observation instruments and passengers. Unmanned balloons with only equipment are often used for scientific research on the upper atmosphere environment, and sometimes for the measurement of cosmic rays.

In most countries and cities and other places, people like to use balloons as festive supplies to decorate places during festivals to achieve the effect of exaggerating the atmosphere.