Mantianxing Balloon

What kind of gas can a balloon fly?


The balloon needs to be filled with helium or hydrogen to float, because the density of helium and hydrogen is lower than that of air, so the balloon filled with helium or hydrogen can float in the air. Others, whether it is nitrogen, oxygen, etc., cannot make the balloon float.

However, not all balloons filled with helium or hydrogen balloons can float. It also depends on the size of the balloon and the amount of gas contained in it after inflation. A very important factor determines whether the balloon can float. If the size is small, the air will be filled less, so it will not be able to support the weight of the balloon itself. For example, for the same round shape, the 18-inch one can float, but the 10-inch one cannot. The reason is that the 10-inch balloon After the balloon is inflated, the amount of helium or hydrogen is less, and the lift force will be smaller if there is less gas, so the balloon cannot be floated.

All in all, whether a balloon filled with helium or hydrogen can float depends on the amount of gas in the balloon. When we customize special-shaped balloons, fairness is in the attitude of being responsible to customers, and fairness will test whether it can float when making manual samples, instead of waiting for the mold and plate to be ready before testing. It will be too late to test whether it can float after it is done. If it cannot float, it will be necessary to re-open the mold and make plates, and the production cost will be high.